Joseph Farrugia

One is happiest who hath power to gather wisdom from a flower.

I was first introduced to beekeeping as a teen when I met Sir Edmond Hillary. In addition to his many worldly accomplishments, he was a beekeeper. Ten years later I moved to his homeland of New Zealand to teach art, 2005-2008. I then worked and travelled to over 40 counties exploring various regions of the world both artistically and agriculturally. I took these experiences and returned to Ontario, Canada. Working first with my late mentor, Beno, I set up my bee yard. I have spent each of the last seven seasons developing healthy colonies and experimenting with the honeybees to make artworks. I have created modified Langstroth hives to interact with the honeybees through a specially build chamber. Langstroth Hives, originally created by Reverend Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth (1810-1895), are vertically modular beehive with hung frames, a bottom board with an entrance for the honeybees, boxes containing frames for brood and honey and an inner cover and top cap to provide weather protection. My modifications have allowed me to collaborate with the honeybees to create unique artworks.